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Womanswork Hang Tags: Katie Stagliano

Welcome to the Womanswork Community!

We applaud women who embody our symbol "Strong Women Building A Gentle World" and we share their stories whenever and wherever we can. We even print hang tags for some of our gloves featuring women who inspire us! 

We are in touch with our customers 365 days of the year. Through emails, phone calls, social media (InstagramFacebook) and even hand written letters, we talk to our customers every day, and our products reflect the ongoing conversation we have with you.Womanswork Community

Womanswork Story Bank

This is where we ask a question such as "Where did your love of gardening come from?" and we publish the contributions we get in our Story Bank. We have been overwhelmed by the number of thoughtful, heartfelt responses that come to us, and we love the sense of community that it creates. To add your own story, click here.

Women Making A Difference

Over the years we have highlighted many women making a difference, from those who are building homes for Habitat for Humanity and working at urban gardens and collective farms -- to those keeping our national forests protected, our cities clean and our home gardens a place of sanctuary and creativity. If you know someone who you think is a "Strong Woman Building A Gentle World," let us know:

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