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Womanswork Skin Care

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After Gardening Skin Care, Only from Womanswork--

Essential oils, organic shea butter and other botanically based ingredients are the essence of our skin care line. Our goal: to restore, refresh and nourish tired hands and bodies...naturally.

After Gardening Hand Creams--

We organic shea butter and sunflower oil with a light infusion of essential oils and fragrances, so the scent is mild and fresh. Massage our silky smooth moisturizers into your hands after a day in the garden!

Muscle Rub with Arnica--

Our Muscle Rub is a winning combination of arnica montana flower infused in sunflower oil, with peppermint essential oil and menthol, delivering a warming-cooling sensation that soothes achy muscles and joints.

Gardener's Hand Soap--

Our Gardener's Hand Soap is naturally grainy so it helps exfoliate away garden soil.  Our Goatskin soap is silky smooth with a touch of lavender essential oil.

After Gardening Skin Care for the Wholesale Trade--

For the trade, we package our skin care products in case packs of 6. Call 1-800-639-2709 to request our price list and terms.

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