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Dorian Winslow, President

Designed For The Way Women Work.


About Us

We are a woman-owned family business, celebrating 31 years! My mother Biz handles customer service and billing; my college friend Diana and her daughter help with trade shows; Rebecca, Susan, Carolyn and Stancy are close gardening friends and relatives who are on my "board" of advisors, and are sometimes models too. My daughter Eve tests new products in her Vermont gardens and advises me on reaching out to the younger generation of gardeners.

We are in touch with our customers 365 days of the year. Through emails, phone calls, social media (InstagramFacebook) and even the occasional hand written letter, we talk to our customers every day, and our products reflect the ongoing conversation we have with you.

We care about the quality of our products. We set the highest standards for quality, fit and style that we've seen in the industry.

We applaud women who are making a difference and we use their stories to inspire others. "Strong Women Building A Gentle World"


Dorian Rogers Winslow,
Owner & President