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“Think Spring” Garden Giveaway

Category: Presenting "The Curious Gardener"

Womanswork has gathered our favorite garden gloves, tools and other gardening essentials for a giveaway this month! The total retail value of this giveaway is $223.40.

To enter write a comment below saying you would like to win our “Think Spring” prize and you will be entered to win. It’s that simple! If you prefer to enter via Instagram, find us at @womansworkco, like our post and tag a friend. You will automatically be entered and so will your friends as long as they give our post a like too!  On Facebook you can like us and leave a comment to enter.  Find us on Facebook by clicking here.

Here’s what’s in our “Think Spring” giveaway – click on each item to go to the product page for that item.

Womanswork Digger Gloves–“Digger” garden gloves, sized for women, have reinforced fingertips so they won’t break through even when you use your hands to dig in the garden. Our multi-purpose “Digger” gloves offer dexterity and protection for all your chores. The winner will choose the size they’d like. $19.50 value.

Tool Holster— Lightweight and washable, this handy holster holds essential gardening tools while you work. Pockets are made with sturdy open weave synthetic nylon designed to shed water and resist mildew. Woven nylon belt has an adjustable quick release buckle. Sits just below waist on hips. This Tool Holster has a water resistant pocket liner in our lovely new “Garden of Paradise” print. $24.00 value.

Incomparable Scissors — Flexible soft-grip handles in Teal Blue fit all hands and prevent fatigue (for left or right hand users). Steel blades hold their edge longer and won’t rust. Use them for dead heading and light pruning. $25.00 value

Lemon Verbena After Gardening Hand Cream — Our master herbalist infuses lemon verbena into vitamin rich sunflower oil, then adds pure aloe vera for its healing properties. She then blends in certified organic shea butter and lemon essential oil for a creamy, non greasy formula rich in vitamins A and E. 4 oz. jar. $15.00 value.

Sod Buster Boots for Women — Ideal for the garden or any outdoor activities in warmer temperatures – WIXIT Cool-Clad™ airmesh lining wicks away moisture to keep feet dry and comfortable. The winner will choose the size they’d like (Women’s sizes 7, 8 and 9 are available) $99.95 value.

Ergonomic Hand Weeder — A unique hand tool that is great for popping out deeply rooted weeds. Features ultra light construction with a curved handle which is ergonomically designed to reduce stress while working. $16.00 value.

Gardeners Grainy Hand Soap — Our lemon poppy seed hand soap was designed especially for gardeners, and created exclusively for Womanswork by our master herbalist. The combination of poppy seeds and rosehip seeds give the soap a graininess that’s perfect for exfoliating hands and scrubbing away garden soil! $9.95 value.

Garden Kneeler — Cushion knees when weeding with our foam garden kneeler. Has a hole for hanging in your garden shed or garage. Made in England. Measures 7 1/2″ wide X 15 1/4″ long and 7/8″ thick.  $14.00 value.

Total Value: $223.40!! Good luck, and happy gardening! Sorry but this giveaway is only available to gardeners in the continental US.

Look for our spring catalog in the mail or request one here!

The photo at the top of your screen was taken in Dorian’s greenhouse on a snowy winter day.  The photo was taken by Lori Adams.

470 thoughts on ““Think Spring” Garden Giveaway

  1. I would love to win your Think Spring prize ! I love to be outdoors and in the garden. Your prize would make my work there easier.

  2. would love to win this wonderful assortment of gardening goodies!

  3. Laurie Pevnick says:

    I love your long-cuffed garden gloves; just wish they would last longer. Would love to win your contest!

  4. Your Think Spring prize looks fabulous and I would love to win it! I love to weed and prune, plant and water. The desert soils is tough here in New Mexico, so good digging tools and special gloves, are super welcome. Thanks for offering this!

  5. March 20 is the start of spring and I want to be ready for it, so would love to win all those gardening items.

  6. linda mackowiak says:

    I love working on my flowers and have not because of my PTSD I do not go outside. Maybe winning these lovely tools would give me incentive. I have purchased from you before and everything was of good quality

  7. Cindy Marinkovich says:

    I would love to win your Think Spring prize. It would really help with all of the gardening and yard work I need to get done. Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. Kelly Stanley says:

    As all gardeners in Michigan know, spring is just around the corner. It will be here and with the help of Woman’s Work and the Curious Gardener, we will be ready! I would love to have the Garden Giveaway, just to use new items in my “Fairie Garden”. I’ve been working on my fairie garden for a few years and now in a position to see it come to fruition. However, much work is to be done. New gloves, shoes and trowels would be put to very good use. While I’ve been clearing land for several years, I still have brambles and thistle to clear. It’s not a garden OF fairies, it’s a garden FOR fairies, with fountains, paths and forest. I hope to establish living sculptures in my garden this year. So excited! Come on Spring!!!!!

  9. Jane LeBlanc says:

    I have bought a couple of pairs of your other types of gloves and they both fit beautifully. They’re the best and I’ve told several of my friends about your gloves and other items!

  10. Sandra Hoffman says:

    I love the great feeling of being in the garden & so close to nature. I enjoy seeing the beauty of what I have accomplished. The “Think Spring” prize would be a wonderful gift to enjoy this beauty.

  11. Alexandra Olga Edwards says:

    I would love to be the winner of the Think Spring prize! My garden is bigger than ever this year, and if the weather would cooperate I’d love to get started!

  12. Vicki K Stromlund says:

    I would love to enter on behalf of Rebecca Arlington-Downey – because I love your products, and she loves gardening more than anyone I know, I sent her Christmas gifts from Womanswork. She was thrilled!! She teaches her grandkids the joys of gardening, and would truly adore winning this “Think Spring Garden Giveaway”!!

  13. Angela Riley says:

    It would be a very nice surprise to win your “Think Spring” prize. I have a big garden. A labor of love for the last 23 years.

  14. Christina Brummund says:

    Thanks for running this giveaway! Your products are such nice quality… And a nice business to boot. Love it~

  15. Juliann Goldman says:

    Yes yes. I’m planning to expand my deck garden. (It’s the only way to beat the neighborhood deer.) I apologize if I entered already.

  16. Kelly Crim says:

    I want to win your Think Spring prize! What a great assortment you have put together!

  17. LuAnne Reed says:

    I would love to win such a generous prize!

  18. patricia zimmerman says:

    moving to a new property and the Think Spring Prize would be very helpful

  19. This would be so helpful to me in my garden. Thanks for getting me to think about spring!

  20. Juanita Collein says:

    I want it all; I want it now! ;0 )

    I bought the ergonomic hand weeder. It is amazing. Gloves are nice too! Now for the . . . Lemon verbena hand cream! Whoever wins will get a wonderful treat.

  21. Juanita Collein says:

    I want it all; I want it now! ;0 )

    I bought the ergonomic hand weeder. It is amazing. Gloves are nice ! Now for the . . . Lemon verbena hand cream! Whoever wins will get a wonderful treat.

  22. Juanita Collein says:

    Please sir, more garden toys!

  23. Tenison Stone says:

    like to win our “Think Spring” prize

  24. Maureen Koehl says:

    Moving to a new home and new projects. Blank slates baby! Would love to wind this spring give-away.

  25. Joan Henriksen says:

    Your “digger gloves” are THE BEST! It’d be awesome to win a pair. Thanks for entering me in your contest.

  26. I would like to win your “Think Spring” prize. Thank you!

  27. Paula Doody says:

    Such an amazing assortment of wonderful products – I would just love to win this!

  28. Sharyn Moorer says:

    I have loved all your products..I would love to win.Think Spring…..can’t wait?

  29. I’d love to start spring with this new collection of tools! We are ready for some soft soil to sink tools and hands into!

  30. Robyn Lipschutz says:

    Beautiful picture on top. Would love to win “think Spring” grouping. Perfect for me. Thank you

  31. sherry mackey says:

    I’m a senior person and enjoy my garden activities. Any accessories are always helpful. I’m a new customer and have been happy with my purchases thus far. My husband has Parkinson’s and is unable to help me with our landscaping. I’m entering this contest with hopes of winning.

  32. I’m a senior person and enjoy my garden activities. Any accessories are always helpful. I’m a new customer and have been happy with my purchases thus far. My husband has Parkinson’s and is unable to help me with our landscaping. I’m entering this contest with hopes of winning.

  33. Ann Acosta says:

    It is my birthday on March 6th. Winning woukd be a nice present. We dig in rocks in Copperopolis and I go through gloves quickly. Love the ones with long cuffs.

  34. Nancy Alley says:

    Saw your product in Country Living and would absolutely love to win the “Think Spring” prize.

  35. Edy Freseman says:

    I’m very interested in winning the fabulous products included in “Think Spring “.

  36. Chris Ferrero says:

    What a great group of products to welcome spring gardening season, Dorian! Thanks for putting my name into the hat 😉

  37. Everything about this “Think Spring” package excites me. I’ve been wanting those gloves and everything I need. Thanks for creating a great winning package and I hope I win. Thank you Womans Work.

  38. Mary Gerush says:

    Sending positive thoughts you will pick my name! Thanks!

  39. Cynthia (Cindy) Chisum says:

    What a great collection of goodies. I am an interior landscaper and love using your gloves. I currently use another brand’s tool caddy but am interested in trying yours. Would love to have a pair of those boots but not sure a size 9 would be big enough for me. I’m a pretty tall gal with long feet. Thank you for supplying women everywhere with tools and knowledge designed to help them be successful.

  40. L. McEwen says:

    I would love to win your “Think Spring” prize! Those digger gloves look great; I love my long rose gardening gloves I bought from you.

  41. Cindy Martin says:

    Great products, can’t wait for spring (especially this morning with a negative 23 windchill)!!

  42. marsha myers says:

    I Think Spring all year. Just love it. I can’t wait to begin cleaning up the Winter gardens for the Spring. I plant my new flowers and seeds; trim back the growth on my trees and bushes.
    I would love to win the Think Spring grouping–all my tools would be in one place–tool belt. I carry my tools to where I am working and always drop a few and forget a few.
    I would be nice to win!!
    Thanks for reading…

  43. Deborah Brown says:

    Working in the garden sets my soul free.The think spring prize would be most helpful and appreciated ,as I work to create a peaceful beautiful retreat for my family, neighbors and friends.
    Here in Arkansas the soil is very rocky and tough to get through.

  44. Lynn Bober says:

    After a long, hard midwestern winter, I look forward to the warmth of the sun on my face, the fragrance of the newly-thawed soil and the joyous feeling of being outdoors and the beginning of another season working in the garden! I would love to do so using the Curious Gardener’s “Think Spring “ garden giveaway. Thank you!

  45. I would love to win you “Think Spring” giveaway. I won’t use any other kind of gloves and I thank you big time for continuing to produce high quality products for us “Lady gardners” I would love to try some of these other great products you offer. In Idaho(1 hour from Yellowstone and Jackson Hole Wyoming) we are still deep in snow for another couple of months but come late April we are in full speed mode because our spring and summers are short and so great products help make my time in the garden more enjoyable.
    Thanks again,

  46. Liz Puczylowski says:

    I am raring to go with Spring!! I have been “Thinking Spring” for a while already!!
    I would LOVE to win this package!

  47. So looking forward to Spring and gardening. Always fun to have new gloves and tools to use! Great Giveaway!

  48. Working in many gardens over the years has been one of the joys of my life. I am continuing to search for new gardening ideas, methods, plants, and for quality equipment that will last from season to season. The Woman’s Work leather gauntlet gloves have been the one pair of gloves I have not had to replace after a season of gardening in the rocky soils of New England. Looking forward to trying some of the other products on your website once the snow here has finally melted.

  49. Debe McQuillen says:

    Love to play in the dirt and the ‘Think Spring’ giveaway would make playing/gardening/weeding even more fun!!

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