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Katie Lane On Plot 15C

Category: Plant Ideas & Info, Presenting "The Curious Gardener"

Womanswork gloves and mug in Katie Lane’s little purple potting shed, Hampshire England


When Katie Lane writes on her blog “you really can’t beat that feeling of harvesting something that you’ve raised from a tiny seed,” it’s easy to become a fan.  Her adventures ‘up the allotment’ on Plot 15C in Hampshire England have made her small community garden an internet star in the UK.

Katie’s colorful writing has given her potting shed, which sits on the edge of the allotment, a supporting role in the stories she tells. Called the little purple potting shed, this is where she creates lists of chores and ticks them off when they’re completed, demonstrates how to make recipes on a tiny stove, and takes refuge during the winter months with mugs of herbal tea– and more To Do lists.

She describes her blog as ‘ramblings of my allotment and our little family business selling vintage gardenalia and metal work.”  All photos are taken by her.

Katie divides her time between England and Wales, and exhibits her wares at country fairs during the summer.  If she’s been away from the allotment for too long she says “I miss it terribly,” and when she’s on the plot she says she’s “on the lottie.”  She enthuses about everything from planting seeds, to building a new front gate, to tidying her shed for winter. She regularly exclaims how happy her garden makes her, and that happiness is contagious.

Her language is full of English colloquialisms that are charming to the American ear. In a July video she demonstrates how to make courgette and bacon carbonara, saying “every time I pop up the allotment I am leaving with a courgette. It means you need to try out a few new recipes just to use up your glut.” Courgette, by the way, is what we call zucchini in the US.

After she finishes demonstrating how to make this yummy looking dish she concludes “right now I’m going to sit down, have a bit of a break, have a little bowl of pasta, and crack on with a few more allotment jobs.”

We love sharing Katie’s story with our customers via our print catalog and online.  To keep up with all of her activities visit her blog at

Here are photos Katie took on Plot 15C with Womanswork Ultra Fit gloves with Touchscreen Fingertips, and our new mug. This is her allotment garden where she grows vegetables and flowers and uses her little purple potting shed to plan her chores and create recipes which she shares on her blog.

All photos for this story taken by Katie Lane.

One thought on “Katie Lane On Plot 15C

  1. Vanessa Walker says:

    Hi Katie hope you had a lovely weekend ???
    Always love reading your blog and seeing your photos ?
    These products look amazing would love a chance to win the giveaway ?
    I’m really looking forward to Christmas because I’m going to stay with my Daughter and her beautiful Border Collie Amy in their lovely old Cottage in Norfolk ????
    Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas???

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