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Popular Easter-Time Plants and Flowers

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With Easter Sunday just days away, people everywhere are frantically trying to make last minute preparations. If you plan on having guests or family members over for the holiday, you should consider using some plants or flowers to bring a fresh new decorative element to your home. The vibrant colors and pleasing aromas they offer are sure to draw compliments from guests. If you are wondering which ones to choose, keep reading and I’ll reveal the top 5 Easter-time plants and flowers.

Easter Lily
Easter Lily

1) Easter Lilies

With a name like “Easter lilies,” how could we not choose this flower as our number one choice? The Easter lily (Lilium longiflorum) is native to Japan and features majestic trumpet-like blooms in a snow-white color. Because of its short height, attractive appearance and rich history, Easter lilies make wonderful houseplants for the Easter time.

2) Azaleas

Azaleas are a spring-blooming flowering shrub that are native to southeastern US. They are a great choice for shaded garden areas, as they require minimal light to grow. Azaleas typically have one small blossom per stem, coming in a variety of attractive colors.

Red Tulips
Red Tulips

3) Tulips

Tulips (genus Tulipa) are a group of colorful perennial plants with over 100 different species. They are native to Europe, Turkey, Israel, Anatolia, Africa, Iran and China, but have since been successfully introduced into many other regions. Because they are such an attractive spring-blooming flower, tulips are the perfect choice for Easter time. Typically, each tulip plant only produces one flower per stem; although, there are a few hybrids that may spider out with multiple flowers. In terms of appearance, tulips can be found in just about every color under the sun with the exception of pure blue.


4) Daffodils

Another great flower choice for Easter are daffodils, which are native to the regions of Europe, Africa and parts of West Asia.



Although no one knows exactly how many different species of daffodils are currently out there, some horticulturalists believe there could be upwards of 60 variates. They are a popular choice for outdoor gardens because of their attractive, colorful appearance. You can find daffodils in a wide variety of colors ranging from yellow to white.

5) Hyacinth

Hyacinth is a small flowering plant that just looks like it was meant for Easter time. After blooming, each bulbs produce up to half a dozen leaves with 1-3 blue/purple flowers. Hyacinth is native to the Mediterranean, Iran and parts of Turkmenistan. On a side note, Hyacinth are considered toxic since they contain oxalic acid; therefore, it’s recommended that you always wear gloves working with them

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