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Create A Living Ornament for your Tree

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I got the idea for my living ornaments from a magazine called “State-By-State Gardening,” whose author, Lisa Eldred Steinkopf, filled her glass balls with air plants and shiny bling. She bought Christmas floral picks at a craft store and cut them apart so she had a collection of tiny sequined balls, miniature lights, jingle bells and more.

For mine I chose to keep it simple. I used a couple of air plants, plus some artificial berries and dried flowers on a bed of moss. I used Spanish moss for one and green moss for another.

I bought my glass ornaments online. When they arrived I visited a local garden center and florist, Parrino’s, to purchase moss and other items to fill the glass balls. I had one air plant that I’ve been nurturing for about two years. It’s the bigger one in the photos. I purchased a smaller air plant from Parrino’s. I grabbed a pair of my Womanswork Incomparable Scissors. The long blades give extra reach for trimming greens even after they’ve been placed inside the glass ball. 

Here are photos of the living ornaments I made.  I look forward to hanging them on our Christmas tree this year!

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