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The Garden Quiz

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Curious Gardener’s Garden Quiz:

1. What well known Spring shrub is this: salix discolor?

a.)   azalea

b.)   pussy willow

c.)    forsythia

2. True or False: It’s best not to garden in wet soil 

3. Which one of the following plants makes a wonderful cut flower, and  has the delicacy of a rose?

a.)    Lisianthus

b.)    Dahlia

c.)    Peony

4. Which of the following is a recipe for creating a natural rooting hormone for plants?

a.)    Squeeze a lemon in water and let sit overnight. Use the water as a rooting hormone

b.)    Put willow wood shoots in water for 24 hours and use the water as a rooting hormone

c.)    Brew a tea with dried oak leaves

5. True or False: if you set your tomato seedlings outdoors too early, after the last frost but before the ground warms sufficiently, it will stunt their growth.

6. When dividing or propagating a plant, why do you remove buds and flowers?

a.)    Flowers will die anyway after a plant is divided

b.)    A new plant needs to put all its energy into developing new roots, before it develops flowers

c.)    It will make the young plant top heavy if you don’t

7. Which of the following is not an example of asexual propagation of plants?

a.)    Propagation through seeds

b.)    Propagation through cuttings

c.)    Propagation through plant division

8. When is the best time of year to prune azaleas and rhododendron?

a.)    In the Fall before they go dormant

b.)    In the Spring just after they bloom

c.)    In the Spring just before they bloom

9. True or False: Vaccinium Chippewa is a variety of high bush blueberry suitable for colder climates.

10. What is the name given to the roots of dahlias?

a.)    Rhizomes

b.)    Tubers

c.)    Corms

11. The ‘love apple’ is the original name for what?

a.)    Tomato

b.)    Plum

c.)    Cherry

12. What would a gardener do with a dibber or dibble?

a.)    Transplant seedlings and small plants

b.)    Water plants

c.)    Pull weeds

13. What is the practise of training and clipping trees and shrubs into ornamental shapes?

a.)    Topiary

b.)    Pleaching

c.)    Pollarding

14. Which of the following plants is not a plant for shady woodland gardens

a.)    Rodgersia

b.)    Goatsbeard

c.)    Rudbeckia

15. What is an heirloom seed? 

a.)    Open-pollinated seed from a variety of plant that has been around for many years

b.)    Seed that has been hybridized

c.)    Seed that is not open-pollinated

16. What is the recommended planting depth for seeds?

a.)    As deep as their diameter

b.)    Two times their diameter

c.)    It differs for all plants

17. True or False: Deadheading helps most flowers grow more prolifically

*   *   *   *   *

And here are the answers to the quiz. Some of the answers come from past blog posts:

1.  b

2.  True

3.  a  (click for details)

4.  b  (click for details)

5.  True

6.  b

7.  a

8.  b

9.  True (click for details)

10. b

11. a

12. a

13. a

14. c (click for details)

15. a

16. a

17. True

2 thoughts on “The Garden Quiz

  1. Susan Campanelli says:

    I just Love your Hats & Gloves! In fact I have 2 sets. I recently started working at Ella’s Market, a Garden Center & gift shop in Richmond Hill, Ga. I’ve been wearing your pretty paisley Hats & gloves while working & everyone Loves them! I told the owner Dana Lewis that we need to order some & sell them! She agreed, so she placed an Order 2 months ago, but have heard nothing??! We are hoping to have some by Mother’s Day! Is this possible??! Please reply. Thank you, Susan Campanelli

  2. This was fun, thanks! I learned a something new too!

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