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“Making Garden Troughs” by Dorian Winslow

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Hardy Duncecap succulent (needs to be indoors in winter)
Allium Pink Curly Onion will be put in the ground for the winter
A pretty combination of tiny succulents and sedum
My first collection of troughs

After letting my cement troughs cure for 3-4 weeks in plastic bags, I took them out, donned my garden gloves and planted them up this afternoon. I bought several succulents at a local garden center, some of which are winter hardy and others that are not. I plan to bring all my troughs indoors this winter so I can enjoy them. They are not large, so I can put them on the long kitchen windowsill that gets southern sun. Before putting the plants in the troughs I cut a piece of screen to cover the hole at the bottom, to prevent soil from draining out too rapidly. What I did NOT do is let the troughs sit for several days or weeks outdoors to allow the free lime in the cement to leach out. It is harmful to plants. So, I may do this after the fact and then repot this fall. Click here to watch the You Tube video for How To Make a Trough.

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