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Greenhouses Come in all Shapes and Sizes

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Mom’s Greenhouse

Our greenhouse is moving along slowly, thank you very much. In the meantime, I have noticed that greenhouses come in all shapes and sizes.  For instance, my mother has a “greenhouse” of the type I would put in quotation marks. She lives 35 miles north of me in Sharon, CT.  This morning we visited a couple of garden centers in her neighborhood and presented the Womanswork line of garden gloves, then we went to her house for lunch. This is her “greenhouse.” It was purchased by mail through one of my favorite gardening companies, Lee Valley, and it consists of a lightweight metal frame with 2 shelves,  covered in clear plastic with a zippered window for entry. She puts her seedlings in there during the day, while the sun is shining , but she brings in her trays at night since temperatures are still low in northwestern Connecticut. In fact tonight they are predicting a frost in her area.

Another type of “greenhouse” is the window extension. You can have this built onto an existing window. It offers sun from the top and 3 sides and is very useful for a few seedlings and potted houseplants.

The next level up in greenhouses is the free standing greenhouse kit such as the one shown below. These greenhouses are often sold as “do-it-yourselfers” and are situated in an area of the yard where they can get full sun.

Finally, there is the type that is part greenhouse and part sunroom. Although our greenhouse will not be ornate like the ones shown here, it is more along the lines of these greenhouses because it is being designed to fit the architecture of  the house. In winter it will get full sun but in summer a large oak tree will shade it so it won’t need as much ventilation and cooling as most free standing greenhouses do.

The Conservatory Greenhouse
Free Standing Greenhouse from a Kit
Window ExtensionGreenhouse and Sunroom
Greenhouse and Sunroom

2 thoughts on “Greenhouses Come in all Shapes and Sizes

  1. Lesley Hosking says:

    The third picture – Free Standing Greenhouse from a Kit. What is the price please. Is it a do it yourself kit and what would it cost for someone to do for you. It would be appreciated if you could email me with costs etc. Thank you.

  2. I’m sorry I don’t know what the price is on that greenhouse. We do not sell greenhouses. We just wrote an article about them and included images of ones we liked.

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