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25 Years as a Woman-Owned Small Business!

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Early Catalog Cover for Womanswork

This year marks Womanswork’s 25th year in business. We thought, what better time than now to say thanks to our garden glove fans with a little give away contest? 

The Womanswork Story.

But first some background on us. Womanswork was started in Maine in 1985 because there were no good work gloves designed to fit women’s hands. A little black and white (and sepia) catalog was sent to a growing list of women who needed a good work and garden glove. The logo “Strong Women Building A Gentle World” was written and became the rallying cry stamped on the back of each pair of gloves. 

What’s different about Womanswork gloves is that they are all designed by women, so the fit, the features (such as machine washability), and the designs and colors are all geared to what women like.

Dorian Winslow, Womanswork owner

I’m the owner of Womanswork and I like to stay in touch with our customers through email, phone calls, face-to-face at trade shows, and now Facebook and this blog. The feedback we get helps us make our garden gloves and other products better all the time.  

Thanks for 25 Years!

Thank you gift--Chocolate hearts

The other day we were putting together little packages of gourmet chocolate hearts in a Womanswork mug and sending them to a handful of our favorite wholesale clients, mostly garden center owners and managers. It occurred to us that, while we can’t possibly say “thanks” to all of our customers in this way, maybe we could say ‘thank you for 25 years’ to our wider audience of fans in a different way.  So that’s what we’ll do. Stay tuned for garden glove contest details.

Our production line of thank you gifts

2 thoughts on “25 Years as a Woman-Owned Small Business!

  1. Maryjo A. McDonough-Grelle says:

    Hey, ladies, I love you! I bought your gloves way back in 1987ish. I remember tracing my hand on the order form and sending it. After falling in love with your gloves, I ordered the pig skin gloves. (You only had 3 gloves for sale at that time, that is how new you were.) I made comments on the order form (no Internet yet) and you published them in your next catalog, on your order form and I even received a nice telephone call. My ex did not believe me about how wonderful your gloves were for gardening and for chopping wood and certainly did not approve of the price. (I thought they were worth every last penny). Well, got rid of him, but not the gloves! My new husband is buying me my gloves this time. I wonder if I am your longest (noticeI did not say oldest) customer. I bought your newly printed t-shirt when it came out. because I loved your slogan. I miss the workboots, though! Thank you for such a wonderful product, that saved my hands. I really am your 25th year customer and I always will be your customer. I am so happy that you flourished with your baby company! My husband found your web site for me, I was afraid that maybe you had not made it. Thank you so much for all you do and I hope you have Women’s Work forever! You deserve it. Maryjo

  2. We absolutely loved reading your “story.” Thank you for being such a good (old?) customer. It sounds like you found a good man, considering he re-found Womanswork for you. Please stay in touch and send photos if you would like, to

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